African Home Decor Updates: Bamboo African Home Decor

Bamboo home decor has quickly emerged as the premier material for not only African home decor, but other home decor as well. It’s a material whose time as come. I’ll explore the many benefits and inroads bamboo continues to make in the home decor industry. Thanks to modern processing methods, literally every room in your home can incorporate some form of decor using a bamboo theme. Whether it’s bamboo wall decor, window covering, floors, or furniture, bamboo adds an exotic look to any home interior. Bamboo home accents compliment African home decor, adding just the right touch of adventure and intrigue to any indoor or outdoor space. Like most African interior designs, bamboo is adaptable, versatile and timeless beauty. In addition, it requires a minimum of care to continue giving the indoor or outdoor area of your home that exotic look. As an environmental asset bamboo sits at the top of the list of conservationist, ecologist and environmentalist. Why? Because it’s the fastest growing tree on earth. That makes the popular plant plentiful, quickly replaceable, and highly green – environmentally. All qualities ecologists, conservationists, and environmentalists love. Yes, with a growing demand for conservation and attention to the environment, bamboo interior related products continue to increase in popularity and demand. Bamboo continues at the forefront of the “green” building, room design, and home decor movement – including African decor and accessories. To many African cultures bamboo is a symbol of adaptability, strength, and endurance, all qualities of a happy and abundant life. Bamboo furniture and other products continue to quietly replace furniture coming from trees that require decades to grow to maturity. The tree grows 10 to 20 times faster than the average hard wood trees used in today’s expensive furniture and other home decor products. Bamboo trees conveniently grow near, around or next to areas of the world with some of the largest populations. This makes it a natural material for building and other home decor and home accessory uses, because of its fast growing ability. Because of its timeless elements, bamboo home furnishings is economical. Why? Because the style last for years. So, you don’t have to replace bamboo home decor as often as other home decor. In fact, many types of bamboo furniture and other home decor accessories beautify more with age, like a fine wine. Interior designers continue to integrate more bamboo in African home decor projects from the front door to the backyard Why? Because of its functionality, value, and lasting style. African interior design ideas can stretch to your windows. Interior temperature control, in addition to an African influenced theme can come from using bamboo window covering. For example, a bamboo shade can add a soothing texture and visual interest to your windows. Including bamboo in your African home decor can help you save money, add interest to any space in your home, and help the environment all at the same time. With today’s technology and processing methods and techniques, bamboo continues to appear in more home decor products. Do yourself, your wallet and the environment a favor and investigate the latest home decor accessories involving earth friendly bamboo for your African home decor needs. Published at:

Home Wall Decor – Interior Design With Home Wall Decor

Home wall decor is one of he many major elements in home interiors that decide the kind of mood, the space will finally create when it gets finished. The reason for this is quite obvious. Wall occupies a major visual field in the interiors of any building. Wall decor can be carried out in every imaginable way, you can think of. However some of the most common ways to decorating a wall are. 1) Plastering and painting the wall 2) Applying a wallpaper on the wall 3) Cladding the wall with tiles 4) Keeping the wall exposed (exposed brick walls) 5) Keeping the wall without plastering 6) Creating a mural on the wall Which type you want to go for, largely depends upon what end effect you want to create. It must be noted that every wall decor finish will have a major impact on the interior design theme of your home. But how to really choose the best finish for wall decor? To solve this problem you can think from different perspectives. Wall surfaces are vertical surfaces and help in two ways. The first and the most obvious function of a wall is to act as a divider between two rooms and create privacy. Secondly walls help to reflect direct sunlight into deeper areas of the interior spaces creating an even lighting atmosphere. For this to happen it is necessary to finish the wall with the kind of decor that will help easy dispersion of light into internal areas. Another important point to consider is budget. All the finishes mentioned above will have a different set of execution costs and those must be planned before you think about adding them on the wall. However you can easily cut down the cost of wall decor if you design your home wall decor and other interior design elements into a “decorating theme”. A decorating theme helps to organize the design and saves cost if you consider it from point of view of the entire project. So home wall decor if planned at the design stage will have a major impact on your home interior style. To save your cost you can even go for a combination of various forms of available wall decor ideas. Published at:

African Home Decor Guide: Buying Quality African Home Decor

The popularity of African home decor reflects in the growth of this trend over the last three years. More interior designers and buyers longing to spice up and ad a sense of adventure to their homes have sought African decor items to fill that need. For centuries the continent of Africa has produced inspired works of art people around the globe envy. For example, objects made from stone, clay, woods and other natural materials. With the popularity of earth-friendly home decor products, African home accessories seem like a natural (pardon the pun) fit for today’s demanding home decor market and consumer. African decor produced from natural earth friendly materials continues to grow in popularity among interior designers. The most popular forms of African tribal decor is wood figurines, wood masks and animal wood carvings. These African wood carvings often made from trees that replenish easily because of faster growth – as opposed to other trees. For example, trees such as bamboo, teak and other fast growing varieties. Colorful African baskets of all sizes continue to grow as a popular home decor accessory, adding a splash of color and interest to any room. The popularity comes from the double benefits of a decorative piece that’s also used for storage purposes. Quality hand-made African home decor baskets crafted with various kinds of loom add variety to any home decor. The better quality form of loom is the horizontal pedal loom. The horizontal loom is most popular from the regions of West Africa. The West African tribes of the Kasai and Kwilu territories located near the Central Congo developed a unique weaving technique. For example, the tribal women meticulously weave plush raffia or fiber on diagonal looms. Next they take the pattern and knot it in broad bands during the detailed weaving process. And finally the expert weaver completes the detailed steps by cutting the overhanging material to an even finish. Inserting a colorful pattern, done in various ways adds a touch of color to the decorative African baskets. The most popular method? Meticulously hand-weaving with colored threads, the result is a stunning piece of African art that would brighten up any room. Wrought iron African home decor accessories continues as a favorite because of its longevity. African statues and figurines of tribesmen, tribeswomen and popular animals throughout the tropical forest and East Africa represent consumer favorites world-wide. African pottery is another popular African decor accessory used to add a look of adventure to any room in your home. African hand-made pottery usually employs many popular and recognized techniques. For example, rounded pots hollowed out with a continuous turning movement of the craft persons hands – at just the right angle and depth. African gourde containers grow in West Africa. The gourde container, usually cut in half and their hard outer shells used to fashion decorative bowls, cups, plates and other vessels for water and food. These African bowls, decorated with various patterns of stripes and other colorful designs adds interest and authenticity. These African designs not only add interest to the piece, they often tell a story or give a positive message to the reader. Quality African decor can add zest and life to any room. There’s a category that fits every taste and lifestyle. Published at:

Décor Ideas – Home and Room Décor

When you look around your home you always have chances of improvements that can occur. Whether its dinning room, living room, store room there is room for any creative idea we can implement in order to look the place more eye-catching and attractive. It just makes sense that if you choose your favorite things for your home decor, you’ll love your home. If you choose things that are comfortable to all the senses, you’ll have a home that’s a personal haven. This article will definitely helps you out choosing the best antiques, things that will make your home a haven. Few points that should be kept in mind prior to choosing the items you can keep in your home are as follows: • Get rid of clutte • Choose a color you like • Find comfortable furniture • Surround yourself with images you love • Use convenient accessories • Install good lighting • Use dimmer switches on all fixtures Now we come to the items/products we can keep in our rooms that will lighten up your life. • Room Accoutrements – Buddha lamps and decorations, butterfly garlands, animal shape cushions, original tissue holders, mouse doorstoppers, and much more. • Lamps & Candles – Porcelain owl ambient lamp, Toadstool mushroom tea light candle set, Porcelain gnome ambient lamp, Lotus flower tea light candle, Roise lamp, Pink lotus flower candle. • Funny Decorative Chalkboards – Chalkboard shaped like a shark, elephant, hippo, or penguin. Or, if writing on animals is not for you, try our toadstool or twinkle, twinkle little star. • Decorative Bookends – Elephant Bookend, Giraffe Bookend, Frog Bookend, Horse Bookend, Panda Bear Bookend and more! • Picture Perfect – Neat photo frames, photo holders, magnetic cables and accessories to hold photos, notes and greeting cards from your favorite people, animals photo frames, photo accessories, cat photo frame, bunny photo frame, Dog photo frame, Duck photo frame, Frog photo frame, Koala photo frame, Monkey photo frame, photo greeting cards, photo hanging and much more! • Indoor/Outdoor Furniture – Garden tables, girl’s bedroom furniture, kid’s room decor, kid’s room furniture, kids outdoor furniture, kid’s patio furniture, Toadstool Table, Toadstool stools, White Blossom Lights Led Tree, Cherry Blossom Lights Led Tree and more! • Going Green – Bottle Lamp, bottle recycling, DIY kits, DIY products, earth friendly products, eco friendly tips, Bottle Cap Magnets, Magazine Envelopes, Wine Cork Trivet and more Eco-Friendly products coming soon!!! If you choose things that are comfortable to all the senses, you’ll have a home that’s a personal haven. This article will definitely helps you out choosing the best antiques, things that will make your home a haven. To sum up I must say room in your home come alive with the addition of stylish furniture, decorative wall clocks and antique. This is your personal style and preferably matched to the size and shape of the room. There is a style and design of each piece if you want to watch. The choices are numerous but we have to choose as per our style, desire and to match the compatibility with our sweet home. Published at:

Tropical Home Décor – The Latest Trend In Home Décor.

The introduction of the beauty and elegance of the tropics in the home decor range has been proved to be a boon to the home decor market. Its style, elegance of this range has made it the jewel in the crown of home decor. It can be rightly said that this trend has changed the world of home decor for ever. The latest trend that’s gaining popularity in the market is the tropical home décor. The number of fans of this trend has grown tremendously within a short period of time. The ever increasing demand has made the manufacturers double their production. If you’ve been to the tropics you will exactly know as to why this style is being preferred for home décor rather than any other popular trends. This trend is a perfect blend of beautiful colors and fabulous designs to create a masterpiece of home décor, the combination of color and design creates a pleasant and cozy ambiance in your home as well as the heart of those who dwell in it. The tropical home décor is offered to the customer in such a vide range that most of the some find it difficult to make a choice. But some customers are known to be choosy by nature but even these choosy customers can be sure to find something that suits their liking and at the same time are satisfied by the price at which these ranges are available. Fancy and trendy home décor has always been known to be the stuff for the higher class people, who are ready to spend huge amount to latest and the best for their homes. But with the introduction of the Tropical home décor range this notion has changed as these are much within the reach of the common man. The Tropical home décor has grown so popular due its magnificent style and low cost, that it is available in almost every shop that deals in home décor items. But the most commonly faced problem is that the growing demand for this range of home decors cannot be met with constant supplies and thus it hardly stays on the stands in the market. The characteristic that makes this style so unbeatable it that, no matter which line of creation you choose the Tropical Home décor it goes well with the other items in your décor. Published at:

Moroccan Furniture And Home Decor

Like other homemakers, you would also like your home to be something out of the ordinary so that visitors would find it interesting and appealing. If you want to give it a touch of class which would be appreciated by others, there is no better way than to find the right Moroccan furniture and home décor items. You can even transform your home into a castle-like setting and adorn it with exotic Moroccan furniture and attractive interior design items like palace-style painted ceilings, carved doors, arches, and beautiful wall scones. The whole ambiance can be given an ancient look with different Moroccan-style furniture items. In order to get the furniture and décor items, you can visit a website that deals in these products. You can check out different designs and choose the ones that will reflect your personality and give you comfort at all times.

Varied Features of Moroccan Furniture and Home Décor Items

The exquisite designs of Moroccan furniture as available on the website will enable you to add a touch of elegance to your home. They incorporate the Mediterranean style blended with Islamic and Arabic patterns. These designs are prevalent in the coastal countries on the north and south of the Mediterranean Sea and have evolved with Moorish influence and the type of climate and materials that are found there.

The other features of Moroccan furniture include rich and bright colors like blue, red, and yellow with their different shades and a resemblance to what is found in the palaces of the royalty in those regions. The home décor items like lamps, lanterns, camel bone mirrors, ceramics, tea glasses, wall hanging rugs, kitchen accessories, camel bone ceramic large vases, rugs, Arabic calligraphy vases, and window dressings are all handmade by expert artisans from Morocco.

Moroccan furniture items are designed in such a way that their colors accentuate the wall colors and complement each other. Moreover, their styles and colors are created specifically for each room of the home. Different furniture items are engraved with a variety of shapes and patterns and flower designs in a soothing and artistic manner.

Living Room: The furniture items for the living room include tables, stools, chairs, couches, and pillows. A luxurious look is given to the sofas and chairs by using leather, silk, or crape cloth. Furniture frames are often made with engraved wood and metal in Moroccan style.

Bedroom: Bed frames for the bedrooms are made with carved wood or iron. The accessories for the beds like comforters and pillows are available in different patterns and colors to suit the tastes of different people. The other furniture items of the bedroom include dressers, room dividers, nightstands, rugs, chests, wall coverings, and lamps. These are made to enhance Moroccan décor and make the bedroom a place where a person can relax at ease.

Kitchen: Moroccan home décor items for the kitchen include vases, plates, glasses, platters, and ceramics for the countertop. Similarly, in the bathrooms, Moroccan-style accessories include shower curtains, paintings, cabinets, and shower rugs. Moroccan style is predominant in the walls that are textured exquisitely and given a prominently aged appearance. Neutral sand paint is applied to produce a solid base. The texture is provided with burnished Venetian plaster paints.

Moroccan furniture is usually made from fine hardwoods that are elegantly crafted. It is also made from common woods that have a simple rustic design. In order to adorn your home with Moroccan furniture and home décor items, all that you need to do is to find a reliable website that provides different designs of these products.

Decorative hand painted ceramic tiles wall murals for kitchen, bathroom, backsplash, swimming pools Italian tiles, Moroccan mosaics, ceramic tiles wall murals for your kitchen and home decor. Tile decor from around the world for your interior and exterior decorating project.

Home décor with faux zebra and cow print rugs

Rugs have been used for a long time for purposes of decorating various rooms in homes. Previously these rugs were sourced from the hides of real animals but now we have different types of faux animal print rugs which are made using different materials and that are available in different patterns. The different types of these animal print rugs are inspired by the pelts of actual animals. Zebra print rugs for instance, have become a favorite for lots of people. Faux cow hide rugs are also very popular and many people have incorporated them into their homes interior decor.
If your home looks plain and boring, the addition of zebra print rugs will surely work to give your home a stylish makeover by helping to make it look livelier, classier and more elegant. These rugs will also enhance the rooms with a touch of the wild outdoors but in a very modern way. Zebra prints are an ideal choice because they fit perfectly with the décor of most homes. In fact there is really no right or wrong place with regards to displaying zebra print rugs; they can actually be placed on the floor or can be hanged on the walls as decoration.
Faux cow hide rugs are also becoming a very popular choice for decorating homes and offices, and this is because of the comfort and the stylish rustic looks that can be achieved with these rugs. These rugs can therefore be used to greatly enhance the aesthetics and elegance of any room. Faux cow hide rugs come in different designs, sizes and shapes, and this therefore means that there are enough designs to match everyone’s personality and style.
The faux cow hide and zebra print rugs are easy to maintain and are quite durable. Additionally, these rugs are resistant to bacterial activities that cause rotting. It is also very easy to clean these rugs since stains cannot adhere to them. zebra print rugs Faux animal print rugs are versatile and have the ability to transform any indoor room courtesy of an exquisite natural theme that has an interesting appeal. As a matter of fact, there are very few interior décor items that can rival the elegance of faux animal prints. The elegant colors on these rugs make rooms look more homely, and these rugs will allow you to redecorate your home quickly without having to spend a large amount of money. However, it is also important to put the size of the room/s into consideration before buying these rugs. You can easily buy these rugs from credible online rug stores.

Home Decor – Some Facts and Home Decoration Ideas

Our homes are the signs to reflect ourselves, our personality or simply to tell others that what kind of taste and frame of mind we keep. Home décor is an art which may be found in everybody with varying amplitudes. Although it’s a separate profession like other professions in the market but in DIY ideas, I think home décor is the easiest exertion one can do at their own. Home décor is same as we choose the colors and designs in our dresses, shoes and hats. Same ethics could be applied while decorating a home but in little bit broad manner.

Choice of Colors

While decorating a home, there are few simple ideologies to follow for better results. First and foremost important is the choice of colors. Each color has its own effect on our moods. Also, colors are good helping hands to give us some warm, energetic, relaxing, thought provoking and happy feelings. So, while choosing the colors of wallpapers, furniture, fabrics and paint, these effects of colors should be kept in mind. Sometime matching the colors of all items can produce best results, while sometime we can get more appealing reflections by considering the contrast among these colors.

Designs and Shape of Essentials

The second element of good home décor is to choose the right kind of design. Design or shape of items like furniture, wall mounts, electrical items like bulbs and tube lights, wallpapers, curtains, carpets and cushions can change all the environment of your rooms. In most of the cases, similar or matching design or shape of items kept in a room will reflect more pleasant look and feel of the entire room.

Selecting the Right Kind of Items

Choosing the right kind of accessories is another fact of good home decoration. For example, a bedroom should be equipped with bed and bedding but should not be overcrowded with other furniture like sofas, or cupboards. On other hand, while decorating a living room, you should place all necessary furniture to be used for sitting, watching TV and for family gathering. Same goes to the study, kitchen and baths. Right choice of essentials of a particular room or place makes a standard look and improves its grace.

Prices and Budget

Market is full of traditional, occasional and trendy styles of all elements we may use in decorating our homes. One may be confused to get to the right kind of choice. For the ease in decision, you may consider the prices of items and the available budget. Estimation of the price needed for all essentials will clarify and narrow down the choice among different available kinds.

A Lazy Daisy’s Guide In Home Decor DIY

Do you still remember how you felt before moving into your new home? You were probably so giddy then. You thought everything through — what paint color you will use for the living room walls, made a choice between a love seat and a traditional couch, what color will your throw pillows be, where your old bean bag will be, etc. Everything is clear until the moment you actually move in and settle. Suddenly, designing your home becomes a daunting task.

It’s normal to be a little fearful of home décor ideas. What if your choice of paint color is a dud? What if your DIY projects prove to be just a waste of time and money? However, avoiding all these things will end up with you doing nothing. And since you feel like home upgrades will never be finished, you end up procrastinating and you become really lazy to start with renovations, decorating, and home projects.

So what will it take for you to get up and start beautifying your home? How do you get back on track?

Have a plan and set deadlines


Write down the action plan that will motivate you to get started. This will help you get a better sense of the job ahead. You can itemize all the materials needed and you get to set a timeline. This will also help you keep track of the job and give you a sense of accomplishment. It is ideal to alternate easy jobs with more difficult tasks so you won’t lose momentum halfway through.

Work with friends

Turn this into a fun time by asking friends to help. Friends, especially those who have gone through home décor tasks themselves, will constantly give you pep talks to motivate you. Working with other people will also make you realize that you are not in this alone. If they are up to the task, why aren’t you?

Motivate with rewards


Don’t be too hard on yourself along the way. When you have finished one major task in your list of home upgrades, take a break and reward yourself. For example, if you have finished installing the shelves, sit down and have a box a pizza while staring at your creation. Taking time to assess and admire what you have created are the best motivators.

Start with simple and small

You don’t have to do the kitchen cabinets first. It is perfectly okay to start with simple and small projects. Get on track by doing projects that you are good at, or decors that actually help you relax.

Manage your goals

Be realistic when you set your goals and timelines. Manage your expectations at all times to avoid frustrations along the way. Don’t compare yourself to others, nor pit your projects against beautiful images on Pinterest. A lot of things look different up close. Your inspirations should help you and not put you down.

Always look forward to something


Nothing beats the feeling of standing back and staring at the space you created. Never mind if you are just renting the place; it is still your home. Never lose your vision. People who have vision have more reasons to keep going.

To inspire you even more to get started, here’s the ultimate lazy daisy’s guide in designing your home with easy, affordable, and doable DIY projects.

Washi tape to the rescue


If you are just renting your home and you are not allowed to change the paint color, the next best thing is to do magic with the washi tape. It comes in a rainbow of colors and patterns and can be easily removed without leaving residues. You may use the tape to cover a sad looking side table, give an old shade character, cover white walls, or make a wall art. This is one of the easiest ways to design a home, and also among the ones that really make a difference. Just make sure that you know exactly which areas or things you want to cover with the tape.

Paint kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is one of the areas with the most traffic. It is important that it is well kept and regularly updated. If you can’t replace the counter or add an island just yet, giving cabinets a fresh look is among the easiest things you can do. Most kitchen cabinets are painted white or with neutral colors. Give it a new look by painting it with a bold color and replacing the knobs. If it is an open cabinet, you can try painting the insides for a pop of color.

Go far with jars


Mason jars are a big thing right now and for good reason. There are a lot of DIY home décor ideas that start with nothing else but a jar. You may get an old wood and hang jars where you can organize utensils, pens, or even put some flowers. You can also turn them into pendant lights or fill them with water and top it with a candle for the perfect centerpiece.

If walls could talk

Well, make them. If you have a favorite quote that you would always like to remind you of a dream or a memory, why not paint it on your wall? There are wall stickers you can use. If you are fearless and creative enough, you can go classic with a black paint over a white wall. There are also wall decals and stencils to make the job easier.

Dress up the pillows

If you can’t afford to get a new couch, at least change the throw pillow covers. If your walls are white and most of the pieces of furniture are neutral, you can add contrast with your pillow covers. You may also personalize it with a stencil of a favorite quote or your embroidery.

Bring in greens and flowers


Make your home fresh and bright by bringing in a pot of greens or a vase of flowers. One sunflower can change everything. This is also a fresh way to add pops of color and make your home more breathable. Adding plants allows you to breathe cleaner indoor air, which is beneficial to your health.

Cans of paints, materials from a supplies or thrift shop, some old stuff, and a great deal of motivation and creativity will go a long way in designing your home. Get started now. The task will always look daunting if you don’t start doing anything. The moment you decide to get up and start, then you are already halfway there.

Plantation Style Home Decorating Ideas

Thinking of giving a new look to your home? If yes, then why not go for a look that makes you feel as if you and your family are on a vacation! Plantation style home decor is the one that gives a relaxed look to your home. This article provides you with ideas to give that new look to your home.

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There are a various styles of home decoration. You have plenty of choices when you are looking for a style for decorating your home. One of these is Plantation style. It is inspired by French and English colonists who had shifted to West Indies in the 17th and 18th century. We all love vacations and this style of home decoration gives your home a relaxed, cozy and holidaying appeal. A plantation style look for your home can be easily achieved by keeping certain things in mind. Here are a few ideas that can change your home into a vacation spot.

Ideas for Plantation Style Home Decor

Color your walls using shades of the earth, sand, sea and sky. Light blue, light green, brown, beige and neutral shades like cream and white can be used for wall color. Usage of soft colors will go well with dark furniture which is characteristic to plantation style interior decoration.

Wooden flooring gives that warm and cozy look to the house. Apart from wooden floor, floor accessories like woven rugs and antique-looking carpets can be used to create a plantation look in the house.

Use plantation style stutters on your windows to give the plantation look. You can also use matchstick blinds on the windows which are a cheaper option, to give the required look. Keep in mind to match the color of the blinds with the color scheme you are following for the new look. Curtains with antique finish can also be used to style the windows.

Mere change in regular ceiling fans can help in developing a plantation style look at your home. Ceiling fans with palm paddles or rattan can be used.

A major contributor to the look of the house is the furniture. Plantation style interior decoration calls for specific type of furniture which gives that look to your house. Furniture made up of teak wood or any dark-colored wood can be used. Cane furniture is another option to give the plantation look to your home. Do not forget to place a large-sized chair in the corner of a room. It will add on to the beauty of your home. Dark wooden four poster bed can be a good choice in beds.

Light-colored fabrics can be used for cushion covers. Fabrics like cotton and gauzy silk are good to go.

What’s better than investing in a nice artwork that will enhance the look of the room? You can use vintage postcards and artwork containing trees. This will give a holiday feel to your house. Paintings of palm trees and mirrors of various shapes and sizes with silver frames can add an enchanting appeal to your house.

Flowers and Accessories
If you love placing fresh flowers in your house, orchids and lilies should be your choice. Flowers give a fresh feel to the room and create positive energy. They help in relaxing the mood and make you feel great! Use baskets and rugs to add to the plantation appeal. You can even strategically place a huge wooden basket or a wooden box which can be used to store things.

There are several other home decorating styles. It is up to you to choose the idea and decorate your home accordingly. Home decoration can be expensive. So, before you start buying things to decorate your home, list down all the items you will need for decoration. Calculate the rough amount you will need to take out of your purse to bring about the change. This way, decorating your house will not be heavy on your pocket. After going through this article, if you feel that plantation style of home decor is your choice, go ahead and redecorate your dream home!